I… wasn’t expecting that.

Bright pink, watery blood.
The pregnant side is currently the ouchy side.



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  1. Oh, shit double damn shit. Here’s my hand. You can squeeze it as hard as you like.

  2. Oh God no. Shit fuckery bollocks. *hugs* and more *hugs*

  3. Expletives by the dozen and a big hug.

  4. Ah fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. (((((((((HUG)))))))))))

  5. Damn, NO, turbo. not. happening.

  6. I’ve got your other hand. Hang in there, turbo.

  7. Warm & anxious thoughts, and since the hands are all taken up can I hold your foot instead? Hang in there (I am talking to Turbo too).

  8. In a word. Hunker down, Turbo, old boy. Give your momma a break.

  9. Turbo, you are far too young to be causing your mother such anxiety. Stop it right now.

    Shit indeed.

  10. Keep calm, it could be nothing much. I know that’s easy to say, I’ve been there myself more times than I care to think about, but . . . it might be nothing . . . please.

    Also sending stern words to Turbo to behave!

  11. After starting to relax yesterday, now this? Turbo is keeping you on your toes.

    Get through this.

  12. Bugger, thinking positively for you and turbo…

  13. 2nd foot claimed.
    Damnit this was NOT the news I wanted for you this morning.
    Hugs, and here’s hoping it settles and is nothing.

  14. So young, and already kicking your gut? Turbo’s got some nerve… I’m thinking he’s addicted to your adrenaline and was starting to miss it. Hoping this is just a scare, just a plot to get the two of you pampered. Thinking heartbeaty thoughts with no cramping. Hugs.

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