And It Gets Worse

The spotting stopped fairly quickly. Unfortunately, it was succeeded this morning by a sudden, heavy, haemorrhaging bleed with clots that instantly soaked an entire pad.

This is what you get for starting to hope.

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  1. Ann, oh Ann. And just in case any of the hand holders from the previous post are taking a rest, here’s mine xxxx

  2. Since all hands are taken I’m offering the biggest hug I can manage from this side of the planet. Thinking of you all constantly. xx

  3. O dear….

  4. Buggrit.

  5. Oh no. Hands, hugs – whatever would help i’d send.

  6. Oh, Ann, I’m so, so sorry. Since all hands are claimed, I’ll stroke your hair soothingly.

  7. Maybe it came from the OTHER side? Are you booked in somewhere for an emergent “what the hell?” scan? Please do call around for one if you haven’t already, for the sake of ALL our collective nerves! xox

  8. Oh shit – nothing comforting or wise comes to mind
    but thinking of you

  9. I was also wondering about the other side as source of mystery bleeds too. Anyway, hope you are off seeing someone and getting another scan. What a complete bugger. That bloody roller-coaster at Blackpool has NOTHING on it.

  10. Hands held and hugs offered – I’ll make the tea then.

    Quietly still hopeful lovey.


  11. Sadly, pain is all on the pregnant side, and pain there is. Scan booked for this afternoon. Naturally, my Prof of Fetal Medicine is on holiday, and I shall have to do battle with a lowly minion.

  12. Oh I’m so sorry. Hugs all the way from Chicago, time difference be damned.

  13. Since you’re all out of hands I’m still clinging to your foot. I hope today’s scanner turns out to be a scanning genius who gets you answers quickly.

  14. NOT the update I’d hoped for. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I know there’s nothing I can say to make you feel any better, but… I’m here. Whatever you need.
    Squeezing that foot I claimed.

  15. Oh buggery fuck shit… sorry yet still slightly hopeful for you.

  16. Shit Ann that is just awful I am sorry. Hope you are getting checked out right now and that this is just one of those things, while knowing, as the wise julie once said, that bleeding in pregnancy is never a good thing. It might not be a bad thing, but it’s never good. Hang in there.

  17. Well, this sucks. Poor brave girl. Waiting anxiously to hear about the scan.

  18. Oh fucking HELL. I am throwing things on your behalf, and muttering threateningly at the heavens. Xoxoxo

  19. I’m so very very sorry this is happening. If you’re up for taking kindness from a stranger, tea and sympathy is on offer. If you can’t hope, we will.

  20. Wish I had something useful to say…

    Waiting anxiously with you.

  21. I wish I could be there with you today. Thinking of you constantly.

  22. I’m sending a virtual hug your way!

    I’m going to keep checking for updates and thinking wishful thoughts.

    This is not the news we want, please let it just be nothing.

  23. Thinking of you.

  24. Awfully sorry.

  25. Oh, no.
    I am so sorry about that, Ann. Oh, many many unprintable curses.


  26. Spare hand here, too.

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