I’m still here

but I disappeared up my own fundament with Things I Must Complete a couple of weeks ago, and am unlikely to find my way out before the middle of next week. Big wedding up on our hill this weekend. BIG wedding, although a wonderfully rural and unpretentious one. I have had a long to-do list, primarily a self-inflicted one, and have just this minute completed my last wedding favour (on a day when Harry has rewarded my mother’s long stint of doting care of him by copiously projectile vomiting in not one, but two car interiors) and I am, as they say, pooped.  But I am quickly running to you for advice before I crawl away to bed, because I am experiencing a sartorial sticking point with John.

John’s taste in shirts and ties runs to Sudden, and I have, as you can see, endeavoured to consult his taste while shopping. John is chauffering the bridesmaids, Bride’s mother, father and Bride herself to the church. These two facts have collided somewhat, and John feels that his customary flamboyance is not quite de rigueur when ferrying the VIPs du jour.

I have quietened the look down with an uncharacteristically plain tie, but he still feels that the flowery shirt, which I bought specially for this occasion, is simply too much when worn with his suit, which, when extracted from wardrobe hibernation, admittedly does appear to boast a louder pinstripe than I recalled it having. I have duly bought him another, stripey shirt, which pleases me much less. My heart is set on flowery, and I think he could get away with it.

What do you think? I mean, he won’t listen to you, either, but at least I’d have the satisfaction of knowing that A) I was not alone in my Flowery/Pinstripe advocacy or B) I’m not good at this Dressing business.

This, btw, is my hat box, and my hat fills it. There will be a short eclipse of the sun, totality in the UK south Midlands, shortly after lunchtime on Saturday.

Yes, I will give you photos. 🙂

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