Day 2, and I am two hours past the deadline. Doh.

In my defence, I HAVE been busy AND I am really quite drunk. I have, as the Irish say, drink taken. Copious amounts of whiskey, to be exact. I will pay for this; although pride compels me to add that everyone else has bailed, and I am Last Girl Standing.


There are 14 cakes ready/nearly ready for eating tomorrow, which is my annual cakeapalooza Thing.

During which I will probably have a stonking great headache, but I’m awfully happy right at the moment, so… win?


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  1. I only see eleven cakes and they look delicious! What kind are the other three?

  2. Love it! When shall I show up to begin eating?

  3. Looks like an amazing day’s work – you deserve to celebrate with some ‘drink’. I can’t believe Tami counted them – LOL.

  4. In what sense is any of this “fail”?

  5. As usual I am miles and miles away from your cake. Hope it goes splendidly.

  6. Those cakes look amazing!!

  7. Now you’re just taunting me! Yum, they look amazing! I would like to dive head-first into the selection with mouth wide open…

    If there are any left (yeah, right!) you know where I live. I’ll even put the kettle on…

  8. Two hours late is still an achievement to me! I want to know about the cakepalooza please!
    (Who celebrated a big birthday 3 weeks ago with a Pudding Party!)

  9. More cakes in the world can never be a fail.

  10. Cake drunk cake drunk cake drunk hurrah! Wish I had been there.

  11. Wish I had some cake…or was drunk…or both…

  12. Token Irish commenter here to verify that we do, indeed say that (usually is such a way as to avoid apportioning blame to any particular party e.g.: “I see. And was there drink taken?”).

    Oh, and my sister and I went to see Skyfall tonight, and she agrees with you about The Ears.

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