It’s all fairly dreadful

It's all fairly dreadful

but I’m coping bravely.

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  1. Yup, looks hideous. You poor thing.

  2. The horror. The appalling, dreadful, miserable horror of it all. Are those triffids? You poor poor woman. And I bet you’re having to sit about in shirt-sleeves, basking and everything.

  3. Oh, the monocot-ity!

    • I laughed so hard I snorted tea over the lap-top screen. Ah, dignity, when will I ever see you again.

  4. The cross you have to bear …

  5. Looks dreadful. Fortunately, I believe you have a few friends here who would be happy to take on the load for you. Send airplane tickets, and we will provide immediate relief…

  6. Is Wycliffe having fun? Oh, and Harry, and John, and grandparents?

  7. Hey, it looks like my neighborhood!

    What? Was that rude?

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