Mine was very nice indeed, ta.

I do hope yours was, too.

xmas 9d xmas 9c xmas 9b xmas 9 xmas 8 xmas 7 xmas 6 xmas 5 xmas 4 xmas 3

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  1. Was the Xmas pudding vodka actually nice? I was thinking of having a go at something like that.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. Ohhh, I want to come have Christmas at yours.

  3. Thank you for these pictures, especially of the shepherd. What lovely food. Even the turkeys look artistic. Happy New Year, now.

  4. Can I come to your house next year?

  5. Fabulous table, trifle, chocolate truffles, and table. Interested to know how the vodka came out. That was one mighty big stocking for such a little shepherd. Not Sure about the turkeys thought – it’s enough to push a girl towards the nut roast. Wishing you a Happy New Year aswell! xxx

  6. Can I come too? I’ll be really good.

  7. I’m coming too. Looks like there’s plenty of food.

  8. I can only dream of such a spread. You are an utter legend!

  9. glad it was good! Lovely pictures, your baking is my aspirational standard.

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