Bavers, by Sir Rat

I am slumped in my armchair, suffering from Viral Plague. Possibly. I am markedly improved on yesterday, which eventually saw me gulping desperately at a bottle of whiskey in search of Blessed Oblivion. I have mucus that you could carve – if the mood took you that way. My armchair is hard back against the wall because that’s where the violence of my sneezes has sent it. (I am probably not ill nearly so much as a peruse of this blog might imply; merely that these are the times that I am confined to the laptop; limp, querulous, running out of people to bleat at…)

I have been watching the Six Nations with a most uncharacteristic lack of interest in burly chaps with Little Shorts, particularly now Wales have just handed us our arse in some fashion. I was at Twickenham for England’s glorious trampling of the All Blacks last December, and, frankly, the boot hurts quite a bit more on this foot.

Earlier this evening, Harry slightly surprised John & I by telling us that the capital of France was Paris, and that the River running through the middle was the Seine. We told him we were impressed with his excellent learning, and how had he known? He replied that the school have a painting that all the classes are doing some project work on. I duly invoked Google, and asked the painting title.




‘Can you spell it for me?’


‘B A V E R S’

*Ann Googles: finds Iranian village of Bāvers*

‘Lovey, do you know the artist?’

‘Sir Rat!’


‘Sir Rat! It IS, Mummy!’

‘Ummm. ‘kay.’

*Ann Googles: finds various pugilistic rodents, but instinctively senses a Wrong Turn has been taken*

*stops to put her Harry-speak hat on*


*Googles again*

‘Lovey, is this it?’

‘Yes! Yes it is!’

Anyhoo! I just thought I’d say Hi. How’ve you been?

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  1. Sir Rat!

  2. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Always delighted to hear from you, although sorry it should only be when you are not well. If only he had told you Sir Rat’s first name was “Georgesss,” you would have gotten it right away.

  4. I don’t think he knew Sir Rat had a first name!

  5. Adorable 🙂 French spelling is almost worse than English.

    I have to say it was nice to see England get their arse handed to them a little, given how terrible Ireland’s year has been.
    Personally, though, I was more interested in the ref. *fans self*

  6. The Bathers by Seurat.

  7. Also, tooting my own horn here but i wrote a post last year with rugby rules basics if it’s of any use for next year’s 6 Nations:

    • QoB, you deserve an entire HFF blog post devoted to the comments you have left that have improved my life! And this is another! I needed this years ago, thank you so much! J waffles on at me, but he’s not the world’s best explainer; calls everything ‘he’ or ‘it’, resulting in Confusion!

  8. I’m impressed by that Paris knowledge! And now have a handy way of remembering the painter should the bather’s question ever come up in a pub quiz.

  9. Bahahahahah! Sounds just like my middle’un. Bavers, indeed.

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