The corridors are alive with the sound of farmers

I am so thoroughly tickled pink at finally achieving Mother Superior-status (natural ability will always out, you see! *ahem*) – that I have determined to press the ‘re-blog’ button. I have no idea how this works. *clicks and peers bemusedly*

Indeed, I recently got myself up as the Baroness. The best photos all have my colleagues in them, alas, but I have sufficient evidence to illustrate to you that jet-black hair (me) and a blonde wig are a marriage even more unconvincing than Maria and Captain von Trapp…


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In my deep and continuing self pity I forgot to tell Hairy Farmer Family about the dream I had last week, which was a shame because it featured her rather heavily.

p.s. every blogger I read invariably refuses to relay their dreams on the grounds that listening to people’s dreams is very, very boring. This may be true, but I am resolute, and will continue.

HFF and I are real life friends who started out as blogging friends. Everyone spends a great deal of time telling you how if you make friends with people on the internet they come round to your house, fill your shoes with wee and strangle your cat. Sadly, this sometimes happens, but my experience of friendships made through blogging has been universally excellent and HFF is a shining star in the firmament as far as I’m concerned.

I was informed, by the power of Facebook…

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