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Wotcha. I’m 34 years and 11 months old (forever), a potty-mouth, and I live in rural Warwickshire. I’m married to a farmer (who could win a hairy chest competition with his back), a profession that seems to have increasing cult status here in the UK; my urban friends tend to say things like ‘You mean you have, like, animals and stuff? And you drive tractors?’ Umm, yes. And yes, but only if I’m really made to, and then I absolutely insist on being allocated one with aircon, a synchro mesh gearbox & a working radio. I am very preyshus.

I am currently deeply immersed in mothering our young child: the joyful by-product of a long line of reproductive mishaps: 6 unsuccessful months of clomid, 2 IUI cycles , 2 IVF cycles, 4 5 pregnancies, 3 4 miscarriages, a 2nd trimester teetering on the edge of disaster and an IUGR premature birth. Not only do I have ovaries that are generally reluctant to step up to the mark (except during attempted IVF downregulation, when they positively blossom into much busyness & follicle production), I also have a rare uterine anomaly: uterus didelphys. In short, I was standing well forward of the door when the uteri were handed out, because I have two of them.

They both work after a fashion, albeit they are distinctly different in personality & often seem to be squabbling amongst themselves. I moan about this a lot.

Normal reproductive outcomes (consultant-speak for a full term bouncing baby) are possible with didelphys, but quite unlikely. Early & late miscarriage, Intra Uterine Growth Restriction & premature birth are all likely outcomes, but it is such a rare condition that no-one knows all that much about the whys and wherefores.  But to answer the inevitable question that everyone asks first: yes, you can quite feasibly become pregnant in both at once, and it happens from time to time. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/6199363.stm

I also have a back-to-front heart, (phew!) aorta and vena cava. I have established aberrant anatomical form

I have my own little stationery business which ticks over quietly, except at Christmas when it goes nuts. I am exceedingly friendly and like receiving e-mails. I am usually up to my eyes in something and am, in consequence, spectacularly bad at replying. Don’t let that hold you back.

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  1. Hello there – it sounds like you are having a rubbish couple of days – thought I would come by and say hello, here’s a chocolate biscuit and I hope things pick up soon. Welsh Girl

  2. Hiya- I accidentally came across your blog while looking for pictures of strange legs (don’t ask- I was blogging…)- then discovered you have the same extra insides as I do! I never tried to have kids (I’m 58 now) as they said both sides were long and skinny, sort of like a cat! I was also double all the way to the outside world- interesting!! NOT!
    I’ll have a squizz around the rest of your blog now- intersted to hear about the lad with the odd leg- hope it wasn’t something truly nasty. Sympathetic (( hugs)) from South Australia.

  3. Hello, I noticed on nothingbutbonfires.com that you would ‘elbow old ladies aside’ for a quarter of liquorice comfits. Well we’re the guys that sent Holly a box of sweets to chew over and we’d be delighted to send you a box too. All we ask for in return is a brief article and a couple of links to our site with some anchor text once you’ve received our box of goodies. Please let us know if you’re interested. Those comfits have your name on them!


    Mike Dickson

    Sweet Junkie

  4. I just found your blog while googling “uterus dydelphus” – I had an ultrasound yesterday when they told me “geesh! Your uterus is mirrored on the other side!” *sigh*. Two cervix’s too. ‘m turning 30 next month and we’ve been trying for 1 1/2 years with low sperm count as well, so we thought that that was the only issue. Not exactly so! We meet with our fertility doctor in late January so…we’ll see what he says about things. Anyway, thank you for blogging about this – sounds like it’s one in a million chances – this makes us “rare mystical creatures”. (Or maybe it hasn’t hit me yet.)

    • I know two people locally who have had bubs although they have either 2 uteri or one with a division down the middle. Both had their babies about 4 to 6 weeks early, once they conceived (because of space and muscular constraints I think). Both kids are fine- one of the kids is 35 now and the other is 19 and going to uni! My first gynaecologist had a patient at her rooms when I first attended who was 6 months gone with twins- one each side, 2 weeks apart!! They were born together, one prem. All OK. SO get those crazy sperm concentrated so they can do their job and chuck them into one side. Thirty is nothing compared with some these days! Good luck!

  5. Astonishing style. I wish I could write that way.

  6. Hi there HFF Wifey, I’m 35 and ‘ve discovered I have Didelphys Uterus too in the last year and I also found out I had a v.septum that has now been removed (thank goodness!). Thanks for sharing your story – it really helps people like me in the beginning of all this madness… i’m now about to start trying to conceive for 1st time etc … and will probably be assisted in some way with this. They seem to think one uterus might me more useful than the other and other things to add into the mix is they think I have poly cystic ovaries too and one on my cervices The one never known about or cervically screened until now) has CIN2 (early cell changes). Your telling of your lovely practice nurse looking for your 2nd cervix made me double up in chuckles, same things happened to me! My question to you is 1.What particularly made the docs decide one uterus was bad and one was good. And 2. How did you find out one ovary works and one doesn’t? I have very strange periods (very long cycle) and docs keep telling me there is no way of knowing if I’m creating periods from both sides or just one – this doesn’t seem correct!!?? i would be eternally grateful for your wisdom & advice. I really want to put those tadpoles or that embryo in the best possible side for success!! Avocado X

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